Placing an area rug in your home or place of business is a great way to immediately add character and enhance your room’s décor & ambiance. However, it is important to understand how essential it is to clean your rugs regularly. As with carpets, upholstered furniture and drapes, area rugs act as a room’s filter, trapping dander, dirt, pollen, allergens and bacteria that would otherwise be circulating in the air. 

Would you like to guess how much the average 9 x 12 rug can hide in dirt?

According to a study conducted by a Vacuum industry leader, Eureka, it was determined that a 9 x 12 rug can hold up to 87 pounds of dry soil before remotely looking dirty!

Whether it is a basic retail rug, Fine Oriental, Fur, Persian or Antique Rug, rest assured that our highly skilled, Certified Technicians have the knowledge, experience, specialized detergents and state of the art equipment to provide proper care for your rugs. 

 We know it is tempting to attempt to clean your rugs with common household cleaning solutions, or do-it-yourself cleaning products, but unfortunately it often leads to irreparable damage to your rugs. If you use the wrong type of cleaning solution  or scrub too vigorously, it can damage the rug fibers or color. Please kindly leave it to professionals.

We know rugs are not created equal! 

Every rug is of unique construction, material, dye, age and its own environmental exposure. Therefore, we do not believe there is a “go-to product”  or one cleaning technique we can turn to for every type of rug. 

Using the wrong product, washing technique, tools, brushes and even water temperature or drying method, can permanently damage a rug. For this reason, we have developed a meticulous and disciplined pre-inspection & cleaning process which we alter based on a rug’s individual needs. Using both automated systems, and traditional hand-wash techniques to provide proper specialized care.  

Our Specialties Include—












*And textiles weaved in various parts of the world, from Morocco to Spain, and many countries in between...

Our Twelve Step In-Plant Cleaning Process

Step 1: Initial Pre-Inspection to Determine-

  • Fiber type: is it natural or synthetic?

  • Dye stability: is it colorfast, fugitive, or excess dye?

  • Construction type: is it woven, tufted, or custom?

  •  Backing: Does it have backing that does not allow it to be fully submerged in water, or does it require a low moisture method? Damage to backing?

  •  Pre-existing Conditions/Damage: Notate and Photograph pre-existing conditions such as---Pet stains, Dye migration/Bleeding, Fading /Sun light damage, Yellowing or Browning,  Texture Distortion, Cuts, Rips, Holes, Irregular shape, Pulled Tufts, Unraveling, Furniture indentation or stain, Color Loss/ Bleach spots, dull grey areas, dry rot, moth damage, mold, asymmetry, etc.?

Step 2: Dry soil removal/dusting with state of the art equipment

Step 3: Pre-condition, pre-spot, colorfast test and/or dye-stabilizer application

Step 4: Washing- After checking for pre-existing conditions and testing the rug for colorfastness, we determine the amount of moisture the rug can tolerate to achieve the best rug cleaning results, while maintaining fiber structure, texture and color vibrancy. 

Dependent on level of cleanability, we determine if the rug needs to be- Fully submerged in a rug wash pit, Hose Down Method, Low moisture detergent or Dry surface clean using dry compound or encapsulation method.

Step 5: Tools-  After determining washing method, we select the tools we will need to achieve the best possible results- Bonnet, Counter Rotating Brush (CRB), Rotary Machine, Hand Washing with Synthetic Brush or Soft, horse hair brush; Truck Mounted equipment, etc. 

Step 6: Spot/stain treatment, enzyme/deodorizer application

Step 7: Final Clear Water Rinse and Rinse w/ pH balancer

Step 8: Water removal and extraction

Step 9: Hang Dry with air movers and dehumidification

Step 10: Fringe cleaning/treatment

Step 11: Finish and groom/post-vacuum

Step 12: Post-inspection and delivery

Expert Rug Repairs

In addition to Area Rug Cleaning, we offer Expert Rug Repair Services, ranging from Tapestry Repairs, Re-weaving, End & Side Repairs, Re-fringing, Mold & Water Damage Restoration, New Backing, Braiding or Chain Stitch,  Moth removal, Over-dyeing of rugs to change entire color of rug, Color Restoration, Downsizing rugs, Pad Replacement and more! 



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